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Whether you want to expand your business and need to move your office furniture or got a great job offer in another city, probably you will need a Moving Help Service to get you started. If so, then look no further than Safe Relocation – Professional Movers in Chicago, IL.

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In these uncertain times, having a reliable, fast, and most importantly, affordable long-distance moving team to help is a must. Why waste time trying to figure out how you can move half of your home from Chicago, IL to a new place? Let our experts help you to reduce relocation stress and simplify the entire process!

Who we are!

We are a team of professional movers in Chicago that have been on the market for more than 25 years. We aim to deliver a hassle-free moving experience at a reasonable rate. We want to deliver a stress-free moving process to everyone, which is why we make sure that we can carry out all kinds of moving requests.

In Chicago, we are slowly becoming the fastest-growing moving company of secure and stress-free transportation, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Plenty of our satisfied customers have left several positive reviews that you can easily find down below. Thus, if you are looking for local or long-distance moving services in Chicago, look no further.

Professional Moving Is What We Do

There are many moving companies in Chicago, IL and each of them aims to deliver every moving service possible. However, we believe that the best service is the one that aims to meet a person’s specific need. In other words, instead of offering a myriad of moving services, we send our expert to help determine what will work best in your case.

Having worked and delivered so many moving services in Chicago, IL, we can assure you that relocation is not easy no matter how well you are prepared. This is why our core objective is to alleviate as much move work from you as possible. To make a moving day smooth, we ensure that our team has the following qualities:

Moving Experience – Like most moving companies, we aim to hire only professionals. Our objective is to deliver high-quality service. However, we take this one step further as we want the moving process to be not only safe but fast. Our movers are trained to shelve as many hours as they can to ensure prompt delivery, all without sacrificing quality and safety.

A Team Effort – To deliver a great service, teamwork is essential. Our movers are capable and trained enough to deliver not only proper communication and coordination but safe loading and unloading procedures even in the most hectic situations.

Flexible Prices – As local movers, we ensured that our pricing is not only reasonable but sustainable for us. Thus, whether you are moving from your neighborhood to a new home around the corner or move away from Chicago, IL altogether, you don’t need to break the bank to make it work.

Moving Services We Provide

As we already said, we want to be your go-to place for all moving services that you might need, doesn’t matter if it’s long-distance or local moving. Below, you can learn what our business offers to all of our customers, regardless of their moving size.

Packing Materials

Often, our movers are asked whether they sell packing materials. And the answer is always yes. With our packaging, your items will not only remain protected from external factors but won’t take a lot of space in your storage space. Furthermore, size is not an issue either. We have boxes of all sizes so you can store your large items without worries.

Storage Services

At times, our clients underestimate their space capacity and end up asking whether we have reliable storage options. To deliver an inclusive moving service and help our customers solve their problems immediately and eliminate any relocation stress, we offering short-term and long-term storage options, so you can leave all your boxes, furniture, and other belongings in the storage unit free of charge for 90 days. The place is well maintained, highly secured, and is accessible 24/7 to all customers. And just like our moving services, we made sure they are competitive.

Customer Care Department

Whether you want to learn what kind of truck we use to move your belongings or what kind of packaging you’ll need to store all your home appliances, our customer care department will help you solve all these questions promptly. Furthermore, through this service you can learn the following:


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Let’s Get You Moving

As usual, these are but a fraction of what our Chicago moving company can handle. Thus, if you have questions about our moving services, or simply want to schedule a free inspection, we are just a click or phone call away.