Moving to Seattle from Chicago: Plan Your Move

That’s just a short to-do-list and we’re pretty sure that you’ll add more points to it before moving to Seattle from Chicago. So in which ways are Chicago and Seattle different? Let’s jump right in! 

  • How Does Seattle Compare to Chicago?
  • Make Your Chicago to Seattle Move Smooth and Safe
  • Hire a Chicago Long Distance Moving Company
  • Why Choose Safe Relocation?

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Swapping Chi-Town for the West Coast Seattle? Regardless of the reason for your move: your personal decision or discovering new job opportunities, it’s a good idea to get thoroughly prepared for such a long distance relocation.

For instance, first of all you need to notify your landlord and service providers of your move several weeks ahead. Secondly, don’t forget to cancel your memberships at the local clubs. Then, sell or donate things you won’t probably use in Seattle. Finally, find a reliable long-distance moving company.

How Does Seattle Compare to Chicago?

To start off, Seattle has four times less population than Chicago: approximately 700,000 as compared to Chicago’s 2,700,000. 

Being situated in the north of the United States, both cities have similar climates. Still, Chicago gets seven times more snowfalls in winter, and its residents enjoy 25% more sunny days throughout the year than the folks in Seattle do. In general, average winter temperature in Seattle WA is twice as high as in Chicago IL, as the city is situated on the coast of the Puget Sound, an inlet of the Pacific Ocean. And, we must admit, having the ocean nearby is a totally new experience for a former Chicago resident.

Both cities have lots of green spaces and you’ll be able to enjoy long walks along the lakefront in Seattle, as the city is situated on the shore of Lake Washington. Not to mention, Seattle is hilly while Chicago is flat. Undoubtedly, Chi-Town has the most gorgeous skyline in the United States. But in Seattle, you’ll be totally mesmerized by the views of the mountains and water on clear days. Speaking about the most popular type of dwelling, Seattle has more single family homes, while Chicago residents mostly live in apartments or duplexes.

Chicago is close enough to other big cities, while it takes a long drive from Seattle to get to the nearest metro areas. However, if you’re into skiing or hiking, we’ve got good news: mountains are within quite a short drive from Seattle WA.

If we compare the cost of housing in Chicago and Seattle, we’ll see that housing is relatively expensive in both cities. Still, you get more for the same money in Seattle.

You might be curious about commuting and public transportation in Seattle. According to Best Places, approximately the same number of people use their own cars alone or carpool in both cities. However, 25% less people use public transport in Seattle. Instead, they prefer cycling to work (and, admittedly, the size of the city allows that). Therefore, the average commute for residents of Seattle is 7.2% shorter than it is for residents of Chicago.

If you enjoy eating out, you might be disappointed that Seattle is not as diverse as Chicago. However, you’ll definitely enjoy the great choice of seafood Emerald City offers.

Make Your Chicago to Seattle Move Smooth and Safe

As soon as you’ve decided on moving from Chicago to Seattle, you should start with your preparation right away. If you draw up a clear plan and stick to it, you’ll easily cope with the moving routine. Yes, it can be not stressful. And yes, it can be not as exhausting as someone might have told you. Take small steps in order not to forget anything important. 

Hire a Chicago Long Distance Moving Company

We know that you’ve got a lot of items on your to-do-before-the-move list and can give you the best advice: hire a moving company to make sure that your move goes smooth. Deprive yourself of the extra fuss of asking you friends or relatives to help you with moving from Chicago to Seattle and worrying about the safety of your possessions. A professional relocation service provider will offer not only excellent delivery of your items, but also additional services like packing or storage. 

Why Choose Safe Relocation?

Safe Relocation team is proud to provide quality services that meet our customers’ needs. We’ve got ten years of experience in moving services and can suggest some convincing reasons why you should choose Safe Relocation for moving to Seattle from Chicago.

  1. We are as flexible as our customer needs it. You can select the self-delivery option and set the time your stuff arrives at your moving destination. Plus, you can pick up only certain services. Also, keep in mind that we never charge any extra fees.
  2. We take care of the safety of your possessions. We use trucks that are designed for especially careful transportation. If you order our packing service, be sure that we’ll use the top quality packing supplies to keep your stuff safe and sound. On the contrary, even if you opt to pack your belongings by yourself, we assign an expert to check the packaging you’re going to use. This is done to ensure maximum safety.
  3. As mentioned above, our team offers packing and unpacking your belongings, and you may be totally sure that we’ll do it professionally. In addition, we can supply you with the quality packaging if you prefer to pack your things on your own, and charge no fee for delivery.
  4. We provide full customer support. Contact us and get a consultation on the available moving options, ask an expert for advice, and choose the services. Your convenience is our major goal.

The Bottom Line

Seattle is a beautiful and comfortable place to live. If you decided to move from Chicago to Seattle, don’t hesitate to hire professional movers. Save your time and peace of mind with Safe Relocation.


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