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People move for a variety of reasons: some of them come up with an idea that they need more space, others swap for less space, some couples decide to finally move in together, others get a new job or retire. Whatever your reason is, moving always means changes. Not to mention, for lots of folks a new home is a start of an entirely new life, which is really exciting.

However, moving can be a quite stressful experience. To effectively combat moving stress, you need to know the reasons why it occurs, right? Stay with us to find out what makes the moving process so stressful and also read our best tips on how to de-stress while moving.

Why Is Moving So Stressful?

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No matter if you move frequently or once in a lifetime, moving is an intensely emotional process. You are overwhelmed with feelings: you have the hope for new beginnings and the fear of crushing disappointments or loss at the same time.

While people are getting ready for the big move, they have to deal with anxiety that surfaces with looking for a new home, packing their belongings, making decisions about which things to keep and which ones to get rid of, and, finally, arranging the actual move. 

Also, moving typically puts people to expenses, and let’s be honest: money, and especially a lack thereof, is a huge source of stress.

In addition, moving is time-consuming, which adds on stress to the whole experience.

Beyond arranging the actual moving process, you have to face a range of other challenges. To start off, you need to inform your bank and the insurance vendor about changing your address. Next, it’s essential to cancel your memberships at the local clubs, swimming pool, gym, library etc. when you move to another location. Lastly, if you have kids, you need to find a new school or kindergarten. And this is not a complete list: without a doubt, each of us can come across other things that can make the stress of moving even more intense.

8 Tips on How to Make the Moving Process Less Stressful

It’s a no-brainer that when you get too much stress, it can negatively affect your mental and physical health. The good news is that you are very likely to avoid it if you approach the moving process in a proper way. Here are our eight tips that will help you manage your moving stress so that you will stay focused, and settle into your new home as gently as possible.

#1 Accept the stress of moving as something you can’t totally avoid

The first step to fight moving stress is to accept that it’s inevitable. Get this: you’ll be less likely affected by moving stress if you anticipate it. So take it for granted and remember that it’s just a question of time. Also, take notice of the other tips that will help you take control over the situation and cut down on stressful experience.

#2 View your new home as a new start

Think of your move as a new beginning, not an end. Imagine things that will bless you at your new place. Maybe you’re getting your dream job? Or you will now live closer to your family or friends? We’re sure that your new place can offer you exciting things like unique landscapes or an excellent food scene. Remember to be thankful for each opportunity, and you’ll make moving a rewarding experience and relieve moving house stress anxiety.

#3 Be an early bird

Do yourself a favour: start preparing for your move as early as possible so you have enough time to get ready for your move. The more time you have, the more arrangements you can complete without getting stressed. By getting your tasks done step by step, you’ll keep peace of mind and be able to efficiently manage the process.

#4 Create a move planner

There can be a myriad of arrangements that you need to finalize before the moving day. To make sure you won’t forget to complete any of them, it’s a great idea to draw up your moving checklist. Efficient organization and tracking whether each arrangement is done on time are absolutely important to reduce stress. 

Schedule the tasks you need to finalize, and follow your checklist. Make sure you give yourself enough time to complete each arrangement, and don’t put off important tasks till the last minute. Here are some things you might want to include into your personal moving checklist:

  • Inform your friends and important organizations about your new address.
  • Cancel local subscriptions and memberships.
  • Get your car serviced.
  • Pay up bills and debts.
  • Get your medical records.
  • Transfer school records.
  • Get your moving cost estimated.
  • Hire a moving company.

#5 Hire professional movers

Actually, this is maybe the best advice one can get to minimize moving stress. Most typically, people move to a new house once in a lifetime, but for professional movers, it’s just an everyday routine. That’s why moving experts are efficient and ready to deal with any situation. Plus, they have special equipment to make your move safe and smooth. If you decide to entrust at least a part of your moving arrangements to a relocation company, you can avoid stress related to packing your items into boxes, loading them properly, and, finally, transporting them to your destination. In addition, professional movers have insurance for your belongings, so you don’t need to worry if something goes wrong. In essence, the biggest advantage of hiring movers is that you save your invaluable time.

#6 Get rid of unnecessary staff

Think carefully about each of your belongings and decide whether you’ll need it in your new home. Ask yourself what value it provides to you and which purpose it serves. If you feel that you won’t need certain things any more, get rid of them. By decluttering before moving to a new home, you will definitely make moving less stressful. First and foremost, you’ll save money: the less you have to move, the less it will cost, as you’ll spend less on packing supplies and removal costs. Plus, you can make money by selling the stuff you don’t need. Next, you’ll save plenty of time and energy packing and unpacking. Finally, if you declutter before you move, your new home will be much easier to organise.

What can you do with the unnecessary items? You can sell them, donate to charity, or give them away to friends or relatives. In addition, don’t forget to discard broken items.

#7 Ask for help

Don’t hesitate to ask your friends for help. They can assist you with packing your belongings, or just bring you some food on the hectic moving day. Remember to give your thanks: treat folks to some drinks or throw a party. Also, don’t forget that you can get help from a moving company.

#8 Say goodbye

Lastly, say goodbye to your friends, favorite places, and your old home. Yes, it might be hard, however, it’s an important ritual that will help you break psychological bonds with your old place and make moving routine less stressful. 

Go For Stress-Free Moving with Safe Relocation

Get a stress-free moving experience with Safe Relocation. At our moving company, we provide a wide range of services to make your move smooth and safe, so you’ll avoid moving stress and anxiety. Besides moving your items, we offer to disassemble your furniture, pack and unpack your belongings, and also provide storage space if our customers need it. Feel free to get in touch with us and receive a free quote.

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