Movers from Chicago to New York

People leave NYC for Chicago when they want to enjoy more family friendly activities and a closer community. On the contrary, New York attracts folks by its fast rhythm and exciting nightlife. It’s a no-brainer that moving can often be a stressful experience. Learn what Chicago IL and New York NY can offer their residents and also find out how to make your move fast and smooth.

  • NYC vs Chicago: What You Need to Know
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NYC vs Chicago: What You Need to Know

Although both cities are huge, they are still different in many ways. Let’s have a closer look at the major differences between them.

  • New York City has three times more people than Chicago does.|
  • Chicago has a hot summer continental climate with no dry season, whereas New York has a humid subtropical climate. So if you’ve decided on moving NYC to Chicago, get ready to experience all four seasons of the year. Chicago is much colder in winter, with frequent snowfalls. In fact, New York gets 91 more hours of sunlight per year. 
  • It’s also worth mentioning that New York city is more crowded than Chicago. The Big Apple is cramped, while Chi-Town is more spacious.
  • New York is much more expensive. According to BestPlaces, Chicago IL is 42.9% cheaper than New York NY, median home cost being the biggest factor in the cost of living difference. However, New Yorkers get higher salaries than they do in Chicago, so we believe that the full picture can get pretty balanced.
  • New York is more ethnically and culturally diverse than Chicago. What is more, the Big Apple attracts a way more tourists each year. 

Although so different, New York and Chicago are exciting. The cities offer great career opportunities and a lot of ways to spend your free time. They both have amazing parks, sports grounds, a strong arts and music scene and delicious food. 

Hire a New York to Chicago Moving Company

Changing location is always exciting but tiresome. Moving to Chicago, you need to deal with a number of arrangements, so it’s a good idea to simplify the moving process by hiring professional moving services.

Before You Move

As soon as you’ve made up your mind to swap Big Apple for Windy City, it’s time to draw up a plan for your move. We recommend starting with these straightforward but essential things.

  1. Cancel memberships to local organizations like gyms or libraries.
  2. Inform your landlord about your intention to move in advance, at least 30 days before you move out.
  3. Notify your employer two weeks before you quit the job.
  4. Remember to inform your bank of your new address.
  5. Tell service providers that you’re moving out at least a month before you leave the place.
  6. Get rid of unnecessary stuff. Give the things you aren’t likely to use in Chicago to charity or sell them. 

Moving from New York to Chicago: Make it Simple

Next, you need to hire movers from NYC to Chicago. Safe Relocation is a team of professional distance movers who will help you make moving from New York to Chicago easy and convenient. Basically, we focus on all sorts of moving services. Still, we are experts when it comes to home moving.

We know pretty well how stressful and tiresome packing may appear, so we offer full or partial packing and unpacking services. We use professional packing materials that ensure the safety of your items, because we know that safety is one of the major concerns during long distance moving. If you’re moving from NYC to Chicago with us, don’t worry about your things as our team minimizes the chances of damage. What is more, you get an extra guarantee. Our full service includes disassembling the basic furniture, wrapping and loading the items.

In case you prefer to pack your things on your own, we can offer all the necessary packing  materials and deliver them for free. Keep in mind that if you want to use your own containers, you’ll have to give them to our experts for examination. This is a part of our company’s policy: we do all the best to ensure the safety of your possessions and eliminate the damage.

Safe Relocation team are professional Chicago movers that will ensure smooth and fast relocation from New York City to Chicago. We’ll safely transport you and your belongings to any place you want. We offer flexible prices and quality service so that you experience a fast, safe and convenient long distance move. Also, our moving services include a warranty plan. 

Our moving experts use custom designed devices to load and unload your possessions. All rails, boxes and cranes were developed by our R&D team and we tested them in mock situations to make sure that our customers get the best service. 

Movers from Chicago to New York

Likewise, if you decide to trade in Chicago for New York, it’s definitely worth entrusting your relocation to one of moving companies. Fortunately, long distance moving isn’t complicated and time-consuming any more. Safe Relocation is the best choice if you need professional movers from Chicago to New York. Our custom loading and packing tools enable our team to make moving Chicago to New York faster, safer and affordable for our customers. Moving trucks and devices that we utilize are of excellent quality and have proven to cope with all sorts of moving conditions.

To Wrap it Up

In a nutshell, both Chicago and New York are good places to spend your life. If you’re moving New York to Chicago or vice versa, it’s a great idea to hire a professional moving company like Safe Relocation. We’ll make your long distance moving fast, safe and convenient. Get a free quote by contacting our support team, and we will get everything done for you.