Long term storage solutions

The amount of work one must dedicate to packing and loading commodity is just insane. However, what’s even more laborious than packing is preparing for a long-term storage. Indeed, the amount of work you need to put in order to do preparation right is mind-boggling.

  • Long-Term Storage Issue
  • How to Prepare for a Long-Term Storage
  • What To Avoid During Preparations
  • Storage Tips & Tricks
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Long-Term Storage Facilities

You have to consider the bagging material, the size, the constructions. You basically need to take control of everything because if you don’t, your belongings will definitely degrade in quality. Imagine placing a metal chair in a depot and returning to it after 5 years. We assure you that it won’t look right. Thus, to relieve yourself from this stress, why not order our  storage unite?

How to Prepare for a Long-Term Storage

Before you start packing, it’s critical to consider the material of which your furniture or other commodity is made. This is a vital analysis as it will determine what bags you should use. It may not seem apparent, but there are different variations of packing materials. Each item you wish to pack needs special treatment as not all of them feature the same level of resistance to heat, water, humidity, and even sun rays. For example, wood can’t stand a direct sunlight, while metal is prone to humidity. It all comes to the right environment and storage facilities, and if you plan on leaving your belongings for a long period of time, it is critical to make sure that each commodity is covered with the corresponding silicone.

Aside from choosing the correct fabric, you need to understand that size also plays a great deal. To be precise, some items need more room to “breathe”, while others will do just fine in tight spaces. For instance, when you put your wood table in a tight area, it will most likely trim in size. Specific wood tends to reduce in size and in some cases, it can lower its durability. We’ve seen the cases when people got their goods out of the storage unite and they just broke in half. Clearly, to avoid such accidents, it’s paramount to get all of your stuff in the right cover and place it  in the correct storage facility.

What To Avoid During Preparations 

There is a ton of things to consider, but we narrowed down the most critical steps you should try to bypass common mistakes.

  1. Clean and dry all pieces before packing. This might seem obvious , but in reality, a lot of people store dusted and dirty commodity, which has an impact on its quality.
  2. You should never use old or fragile boxes. Having a sturdy packing material will ensure that all your belongings will be safe from deformation.
  3. Under any circumstances, don’t utilise polyethylene. Regular bags will accumulate water and will destroy your items fast. Thus, either pick a climate controlled storage, or adjust the environment manually.

These are the fundamentals, and for the most part, it’s not hard to follow them. By ensuring that all things are well packed and cleaned, you prolong their livelihood for more than 10 years. In addition, you can always sign an insurance that will protect your possessions even more. By grabbing an insurance, you safeguard no only your stuff from environmental damage, but from theft and other even greater damage. This is a perfect storage option for those who want to be extra careful.

Storage Tips & Tricks

Just like with the preparation advice, we narrowed everything into a small compact list that will surely help you out.

  1. Always place stuff on something. Be it a blanket or a sheet, it will definitely help your possessions to last longer.
  2. Vacuum-clean the container. This is something that a lot of people fail to realise because everything looks clean on the surface. However, a lot of dirt and dust, not to mention bacteria, float in the air. By removing it, you secure that your metal, wood, and even some plastic will remain the same. It’s no secret that the storage facilities are dirty most of the times.
  3. Do not cover your belonging with coloured sheets. This is critical as they might bleed and leave marks that will be pretty hard to remove or mask.

If you prepare your long term storage solution beforehand, you will surely save a lot of cash in the future. These pieces of advice have been proved by many and stood the test of time. They do not require additional expenses and are pretty easy to execute.

Final Notes

All in all, we’ve covered the most practical and helpful tips and tricks. We know that there are complex procedures that will surely help you out even more, but we wanted to focus on those that won’t cost you a fortune. We have been working in the industry for quite some time and you don’t have to worry as we are the masters of our trade.


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