Professional Packing Services

Moving is a hassle and more often than not, people tend to forget or overlook packing and unpacking, which is probably the most important part of the procedure. It comes as no surprise that proper packing takes a lot of time and in certain cases, if the item is poorly packed, it can end up damaged or even get lost in the process. Indeed, good packing takes some time.We understand this as our company has been packing people’s stuff for ages. We know what makes a good packing services and we are professionals in our field. Thus, if you feel anxiety when you think about packing and unpacking, order our packing services and you’ll forget about the buzz because we know how to do it in a painless and fast way.

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Professional Packing Made For You

Safe Relocation moving company provides its clients with a number of options and all of the material used is of high quality. Our team will help you in selecting the best option, as well as they will assist you in organizing the moving process. Our agents firmly believe that your problems are theirs, and that’s what makes us different. We make packing services fun and safe since all the professionals of our staff are trained to execute not only moving services, but expert packing and unpacking as well.

There are the situations when people simply need to pack items for storage and we know that we have an option for that too. We also pack as much as you need and there is no limit to the number of items. Be it one small thing or a huge list of commodities, we will get the job done. Last but not least, if you are a corporate person and need to move to a new office but don’t have the necessary space, we will pack and store everything you want.

Packing Services for Everyone in Chicago IL

It’s true, we provide options for everyone and we would never force our customers to pick from a premade list of services. We want you to decide what you need and what would work for you. Although, if you don’t have the time to figure what you should order, we created a small list of our primary services. This includes the following:

  1. The complete pack – As the name suggests, this the all-in-one packing service that covers a massive variety of items. It’s designed for those of you who really hate packing as our team will virtually  do everything. We’ll cover all the material expenses, including tape, glue, paper, boxes, etc. All you have to do is get yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the day while we will handle the whole process.
  2. The single item pack – This option is ideal for people who got most their stuff packed but left a few tricky items and they aren’t entirely sure what to do with them. All you have to do is send the dimensions and a photo of the item in question and our experts will pack it in a water-resistant pack that is also very durable.  
  3. Custom crating services – If you are worried that some of your precious items will get damaged or need that extra layer of protection, this is the packing service for you. Our team will use our custom-made crates and fix the item in one place.
  4. Electronics pack – Tech is always tricky to pack as the majority of it is super fragile. The service provides a proper demount process and careful packing of the possessions. This service is different from the single item pack as the boxing material is not only sturdy but waterproof.
  5. Kitchen pack – many of our customers often ask if we can pack all of their kitchenware and the short answer is yes. We provide this packing services as an add-on feature to the main offer. We know that the kitchen is one of those rooms that have more than enough items as well as we understand that they break the most.

Additional Packing Services

Aside from our moving services, we also provide a set of free offers to our clients. When you order any of our services, you automatically get the wardrobe packing as well as a warranty ticket. It’s a great way to save time and money, not to mention prevent the stress. Our moving company knows that people are always worried that all of their possessions might get damaged and to reduce the tension, we made warranty option mandatory for all our moving and packing services because we care about you and your possessions.

Why should you go with us?

The reason why you should try out our packing services is the fact that we have been working in the industry for ages. We know what makes a good packing good. Our company is a team of highly motivated and well-trained people in Chicago IL. We do moving, packing, and storage services for a living. Moreover,  we constantly improve and never stay in one place.