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We started as a small company that always wanted to help people with their moving needs. The time was simple, and the demand was there, yet we felt that something can be changed, improved, redesigned. We started to think out of the box and found out that it’s there is a lot of things we can perfect. As years went on, we steadily grew and developed new innovative tools that helped us to move more efficient and safer.  Soon after, we realized that we can help not only our customers but the industry as a whole. This is our primary mission and with this motto, we continue to work even today.

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Our Mission and Vision

Our vision is simple. We want to help everyone. It does not matter if you are a business owner or a regular customer, our company will move all of your appliances and furniture safely. By helping others, we believe that the home moving industry will advance. All of our boxes and packing supplies were developed with the user in mind. Long-distance moving doesn’t need to be complicated and time-consuming, so we came up with new relocating techniques. We are always ready for a challenge, and we want to exceed customers’ expectations by using one of a kind tools to solve moving issues. This is what drives us and what makes us better. We try to maintain consistent quality and reduced prices as it is what we think, the most important aspect for the customers.

Our Services

Home moving

Our company focuses on everything as we want to cover all kinds of moving services. However, we are masters when it comes to home moving services. Be it corporate relocation, local moving or even international moving, we can handle it all. We also offer a comprehensive set of tools for our corporate clients. All of these instruments are custom designed and companies such as “Men and a Truck” use our tools.  Using our services will guarantee stress-free seamless moving even in the most hectic situations. It is also worth mentioning that all of our moving services come with a warranty plan. The road can be steep and, there have been cases where unexpected climate changes such as hurricanes happened, but rest assured because all of your belongings are safe with us.

Our Equipment

All of our agents utilize a set of custom-developed tools that assist them to load and unload commodities faster. Each device was specially designed and crafted by our R&D team and has been tested in mock situations. All rails, boxes, and even cranes were developed by us as we believe that conventional tools are no longer useful. We continuously improve our tools and never stay in place because we want to be the very best. A lot of companies still use somewhat reliable methods of boarding, but it comes as no surprise that the whole process is prolonged.

Support System

As our past experiences indicate, the need for a support system is paramount. Each day thousands of relocations are performed and as a result, booking a moving quote, or directly contacting the company becomes a challenge. Thus, we established a support department where the majority of your questions will be answered promptly. Moreover, if you have additional questions or want to receive a consulting service, our team of professionals got you covered.

Why Us?

Home moving services

Among all companies available in the industry, we are considered unique as each client is served in a personalized manner.  We value your time and try to avoid offering unnecessary services. We think that it is essential to maintain a straight to the issue type of communication as it will only accelerate the moving process. Our customers want safety and swiftness, and we strive to deliver the best possible service. Our custom loading and packing tools allow us to move faster, safer and more importantly, cheaper. The tools used are of high quality and have proven to be useful in all sorts of moving conditions.

Delivery Is What We Do Best

We do moving for a living, and all of our employees are certified movers. We want moving day to be easy and comfortable for everyone. Hence the reason we continuously seek out new methods of loading and transportation. By finding new, innovative solutions, we influence the industry to do better. Our products inspire other companies to improve their services and this is what sets us apart from the competition.


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The move went great, and the crew even helped us place all the furniture, where we asked them. Overall, they saved my time and nerves!
(Daniel Joy)
We moved our entire house! I assure you, it was a nasty job to collect all our stuff, but the packing guys did their job professionally and without a fuss. Good service.
(Lily Jons)
I chose Safe Relocation to store my things while downsizing and all went smoothly. I picked my stuff in a month and had no problems during the process.
(Tom Ilenko)
I was worried about all the artwork I needed to move, but Safe Relocation did their best. Additional thanks for the humor. Guys from the moving crew cheered me up after quite a stressful day!
(Suzanna Novik)
Foremost, I’m grateful for the excellent customer service. These guys led me through the moving and calmed my worries about getting everything on time. Safe Relocation delivered all intact and with no troubles during the move. Thanks!
(Henry Wallen)