The United States offers immense diversity to its citizens. It has snowy mountains and palm-fringed beaches, virgin forests and cosmopolitan metro areas. As a traveler, you can get unforgettable experience of exploring the country. And, in case you want to totally change your life, you may just change the location within the US.

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Chicago IL and Los Angeles CA are both big cities, but they are completely different. When you’re moving from Chicago to Los Angeles, get ready for a totally fresh experience. Los Angeles CA drives a great deal of folks and it really has a lot to offer.

Benefits of Moving from Chicago to Los Angeles

If you opted for moving from Chicago to LA, we bet you’ll fall in love with the City of Flowers and Sunshine, and these are the main reasons why.

The City Has Glorious Weather

Los Angeles CA is situated on the Pacific coast and has dry subtropical climate. It’s characterized by hot dry summers and mild rainy winters. So forget chilly Chicago IL and get ready to wear a favorite tee and flip-flops throughout the whole year. Amazingly, Los Angeles residents get more than three hundred sunny days in a year. You’ll adore the rich vegetation in Los Angeles, especially bright subtropical flowers and tall palm trees. A real paradise on Earth, right?

It’s a Bliss for Outdoor Lovers

Do you love swimming? What about riding white-topped ocean waves? Fancy hiking? Biking? Fishing? Camping? Or maybe you prefer just lying lazily on the beach? Close your eyes and imagine that you’ve got an ocean beach, a couple of rivers and lakes, and even hills and mountains available within a short drive from your home city. Feels good, doesn’t it? Dreams come true. If you’re into outdoor activities, Los Angeles will steal your heart. Its diverse scenery coupled with superb weather gives its residents countless opportunities for outdoor lifestyle. 

People in Los Angeles Enjoy Relaxed Lifestyle

Long warm and sunny days, abundance of outdoor activities, and vibrant nightlife seem to greatly affect the locals’ attitude to life. You’ll definitely notice that LA residents look like they’re the happiest people on the Earth, feeling comfy in their home city.

It’s an Entertainment Hub

Los Angeles is closely associated with Hollywood, and it’s fair enough that it has deserved the title of the entertainment capital. Apart from the booming film industry, LA can boast an impressive music scene. The city is home to a whopping number of music fests and some of famous music shows. Los Angeles residents enjoy thriving nightlife with numerous bars, clubs, concert halls, and excellent restaurants. Plus, Disneyland is not far from Los Angeles.

You Can Get Quality Education in LA

For starters, two of the most popular universities in the United States are located in Los Angeles: the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of Southern California (USC). Also, the Los Angeles area houses thirty colleges, which really makes a great choice. Next, as LA is the synonym for the film industry, there are a lot of specialized schools where students are prepared for careers in motion pictures, for instance, the American Film Institute (AFI).

Los Angeles Offers Ample Job Opportunities

Beyond the film production, other creative industries, for instance, recording and fashion, are largely based within LA. The most popular careers include technology, tourism, aerospace, international trade and petroleum. It’s also worth mentioning that six different Fortune 500 companies are located in Los Angeles CA.

Сhicago to LA Move with Safe Relocation

Moving to Los Angeles from Chicago IL means covering a huge distance. Although the entire process may be stressful and exhausting, don’t miss a chance to make it more comfortable with us. We are a Chicago IL long-distance moving company that has been working for ten years for our customers’ convenience and peace of mind. At Safe Relocation, we do our best to provide quality services that meet our customers’ needs. 

Reasons to Hire a Reliable Moving Company

If you’re moving from Chicago to Los Angeles, our dedicated team is here to help you with the move. Here are some plausible reasons to choose Safe Relocation from a pool of moving companies.

  1. With us, it’s possible to order packing and unpacking services. Deprive yourself of this annoying routine and entrust packing your possessions to our experts. We use only high-quality professional packing materials to ensure maximum safety.
  2. At Safe Relocation, we can also disassemble and then assemble your furniture if you need it.
  3. Your safety and convenience are our major principles. We strictly stick to them when we choose trucks, equipment and packaging for your belongings.
  4. We are flexible: can schedule the delivery of your items so that they arrive at any time, convenient for you.
  5. In addition to our moving services, we also offer storage space.
  6. We are always ready to talk. Contact us if you have questions, and our customer support specialists will provide you with detailed answers. If you want to get a quote, fill in a form on our website.

Cost of Moving from Chicago to Los Angeles

You might wonder how much it will cost you to move from Chicago to Los Angeles. It’s difficult to estimate your bill knowing only point A and point B. To calculate the cost of the move, the majority of moving companies take into account these main factors:

  • the exact distance
  • the volume of your possessions
  • additional services.

To Wrap it Up

Sunny LA is an amazing city, without a doubt. It really gives vast opportunities to its residents. Learn, work, build a successful career, make your dreams come true and just chill out and enjoy your life. Don’t hesitate to get a quote on our website and start planning your move right away.


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