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If you are looking for a reliable long-distance move company, Safe Relocation is here to help. Regardless if you need a long-distance relocation or something akin to storage services we are more than happy to fill all your moving needs. Interstate moving is always a hassle but over the years, we’ve developed a set of techniques and tools that will make your moving day a breeze. 

  • The long-distance moving company you can trust
  • Long-distance moving is our specialty
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So why waste time and energy, not to mention money, if you can opt for our full-service long-distance mover’s service and leave the rest to us? 

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The long-distance moving company you can trust

We are a family-owned business that provides a vast amount of services, including but not limited to packing services, long-distance moves, office relocations, and even storage services. Our objective is to be your one-stop for all things moving services while not compromising on customer service and the safety of the transportation process. 


Stop Overpaying!

We are firm believers that moving services should not cost you an arm and a leg. This is why we made sure that with us, you will not only get started but will be able to get access to our full service without breaking the bank. Whether you need a short-distance relocation or have expensive and fragile furniture that you need to move out of Chicago IL, it doesn’t matter as you will pay only for the distance traveled. 


To sweeten the deal, our moving services come in packages. In other words, you don’t have to pay for fuel and boarding, as we handle everything for you.  And speaking of boarding. Our team is equipped with highly functional boarding tools that allow them to load just about anything fast and harmlessly. 


Stop Wasting Time!

We are professional movers, yet that doesn’t mean that we operate exclusively in Chicago IL. We operate on a state-by-state basis which means that you can use our services to move your items from and to Chicago IL. Our team Of Movers will do the packing for you, whereas our chauffeurs will make sure all is delivered in time


We’ve graphed a wide range of routes that are not only fast but allow our drivers to resupply on food and fuel effectively and efficiently. You can stop worrying that your storage will end up in the middle of nowhere due to a lack of petroleum or tire cracks. All is accounted and you can rest assured knowing that your storage will make it in time, safe, and sound. 


Last but not least, we have a support line as well. If you need help deciding on the packaging, or maybe want to learn when your belongings will arrive, our experts are here to help. 

Long-distance moving is our specialty

Safe Relocation started as a small team of Chicago interstate movers. Over the years, we’ve managed to refine our approach to work and have expanded our services to cover a wide range of needs. However, our key priority was always the safety of the relocation process. 


All of our trucks before being sent for work are checked by professional engineers. Long-distance moving services are often accompanied by engine hiccups, steep roads, and petrol leaks. We aim to minimize such issues as we believe that good service should be trouble-free. 


Our vehicles are only part of the process as each driver, each mover that you request goes through a professional alcohol measurement, drug screening, and overall health status check. We want you to have complete peace of mind during the entire relocation process. 

Get your Long-distance moving quote now

The relocation industry is growing and there are a ton of offerings out there. So what makes Safe Relocation different? Not much to be frank but what we do differently is how we approach our work. We want you to have perfect service regardless of whether it is moving&storage out of the office or packing fragile items, or even interstate storage relocation. We aim to deliver exceptional customer service.


Thus, if you are looking to get a quote on our services or want to learn how long it would take to move your storage, give us a call. Our expert will schedule a convenient date and discuss all the details either through a phone call or in person.


Let’s get your stuff moving together. 


What is a long distance move?

A long-distance move is a move over 400 miles (≈ 644 km), while any moves that travel less miles are considered local moves. In contrast to local moves, long distance moving is subject to federal regulation for transporting items from state to state.

How many miles is considered a long distance move?

A move over 400 miles (≈ 644 km) is generally considered a long-distance move.

How should I pack to move long distances?

First of all, do your best to lighten your load. You can sell or donate things, and throw away everything that is broken or damaged. Then, stock up on packing supplies — boxes of different sizes, packing tape, bubble wrap etc. It’s a wise solution to start packing at least four weeks before the actual move, beginning with the items you use most rarely and finishing with the bedding and bathroom. Don’t forget to label every box and make sure you keep all important documents on you.

Is there a checklist for moving?

Sure, it exists, and although your checklist will depend on your unique needs and circumstances, here’s a basic one to start:

8 weeks before you move:

  • create a moving folder (physical or digital)
  • schedule in-home estimates with a moving company
  • allocate a budget for moving expenses
  • start decluttering

6 weeks before you move

  • prepare boxes and other packing supplies
  • request time-off from work
  • start packing items you use most rarely

4 weeks before you move

  • pick a moving company
  • get moving coverage
  • reach out to the internet, TV, utility, and home security providers to arrange for services at your new home
  • notify your homeowners of your upcoming move
  • if you’re moving long distance, plan your route and book hotels

2 weeks before you move

  • change your address
  • label your boxes and start packing
  • arrange for a babysitter
  • cancel or transfer your membership at the gym, yoga studio etc.

1 week before you move

  • disassemble big furniture
  • clean your current home
  • pack a 24-hour moving kit (clothes, snacks, water bottles, phone chargers etc.)
  • unplug your fridge to defrost the night before you move out

How do you make a cross-country move easier?

One of the best tips is to stay organized. For this, develop a checklist and make sure you stick to it. Also, your move will be easier if you hire a moving company to assist you with the move and ship part of your belongings. Last but not least, get rid of everything you can, like things you haven’t used for more than a year, or damaged and broken items. 


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The move went great, and the crew even helped us place all the furniture, where we asked them. Overall, they saved my time and nerves!
(Daniel Joy)
We moved our entire house! I assure you, it was a nasty job to collect all our stuff, but the packing guys did their job professionally and without a fuss. Good service.
(Lily Jons)
I chose Safe Relocation to store my things while downsizing and all went smoothly. I picked my stuff in a month and had no problems during the process.
(Tom Ilenko)
I was worried about all the artwork I needed to move, but Safe Relocation did their best. Additional thanks for the humor. Guys from the moving crew cheered me up after quite a stressful day!
(Suzanna Novik)
Foremost, I’m grateful for the excellent customer service. These guys led me through the moving and calmed my worries about getting everything on time. Safe Relocation delivered all intact and with no troubles during the move. Thanks!
(Henry Wallen)