Moving Heavy Machinery

Transport and rigging is our specialty as we are trained, focused, and fast when it comes to relocating any kind and size of machines. It doesn’t matter what proportion or weight your equipment is, we’ll do our best to move it as fast as possible. We are not amateurs in our field as our moving company is a proud member of the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association (SCRA) and certified moving professionals.

  • We Deliver Competence when it comes to machinery moving
  • Small Can Also Be Heavy
  • Planning Procedure
  • We Can Store Your Heavy Equipment Too
  • Customers above All Else
  • Local or Nationwide, We Will Move It
  • The Search for the Best Machinery Movers Is Over

We Deliver Competence when it comes to machinery moving

There are a lot of moving companies in Chicago that claim they can move anything, but not every one of them offers the same assistance as we do. Our machinery moving services include and are not limited to the following:

  • Medical equipment (MRI, X-Rays, Lasers)
  • Building equipment (large generators, cranes, pavers)
  • Domestic machinery (chillers, big refrigerator, stoves)
  • Beverage and Food production.

As you understand, we are working not solely with the machinery. We’ll deliver anything that is remotely huge and heavy and it will be safe and sound.

Small Can Also Be Heavy

We understand that some of our clients might want to move smaller objects, and fortunately, we can transfer smaller machinery as well. A lot of industrial companies have small-scale pieces of specialized equipment that are not as heavy as their bigger analogues. We will never say no to our clients who want to move smaller industrial machinery, unlike our competitors. Be it 450 lbs or 900 tons of industrial equipment, we’ll get the job done right from the start.

Additionally, we offer factory equipment moving. The factory category of items is entirely different from the rest as it needs special handling. Our heavy machinery movers are all certified professionals and know the difference between molding and milling machines. It goes without saying that specialized knowledge is essential in fast equipment moving.

Planning Procedure

Prior to doing any machine moving, our specialists evaluate the equipment itself. We measure it to determine its weight and size because overlooking something will hinder the relocation process. We don’t waste your time and prepare everything beforehand. Our diligence and attention to detail ensure that all of your expectations are met, and machines are transported.

We Can Store Your Heavy Equipment Too

You moved your heavy machinery and realized that the new place is smaller than you initially thought? Or maybe that mining drill is too big, and further adjustments are needed? Don’t worry; we offer a storage service as well. Our storeroom is well protected, and it is continuously monitored by our security team. Your possessions are safe with us, and we guarantee that they will not be damaged, repaired, swapped, etc. The equipment size doesn’t matter as we have plenty of room and we are never overloaded. We value your trust, and would never do something to your possessions without you knowing it.

Customers above All Else

We care about our customers as we believe that they are the ones who make us better. Your feedback is always welcome, and we know that attention to details is critical. We continuously improve and never stay in one place. Our support team is ready to answer all your questions 24/7, and we’ll gladly offer tips and tricks to those who are in need of guidance. In case you didn’t get a response, our team will reach back to you as soon as possible.

Local or Nationwide, We Will Move It

Our agents can transport your heavy machinery wherever you need. Nationwide or regional, we’ll move it without any problem. We performed an immense amount of transfers over the years, both local and countrywide.

The Search for the Best Machinery Movers Is Over

If you or your business have been looking for the best heavy machinery moving company, then rest assured because we are the experts you needed all this time. We’ll provide fast, careful transportation of your heavy machinery and equipment so that you can focus on other vital tasks.