Piano Moving Services


We are a family-owned piano moving company that has been working in the industry for centuries. Since the beginning, we have been accumulating years of experience to create new methods of moving all sorts of commodities. We serve more than three states, and our offers include piano storage, transportation, and even long distance moving. If you are looking for an affordable moving company that will not only care about your belongings but ensure swiftness of the moving process, you’re in the right place.

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The Moving Team

We are a fully licensed company, and all of our staff is well-trained. The team is capable of moving with care any type of piano as each of them went through a special training session. We sharpen our skills every day and we never stay in place because we think that there is plenty of room for innovation in the industry. The market is full of different piano movers, but our staff is among the best. While our storages are the most secure places, you will ever find on this planet.


The Piano Storages

We know that pianos are made of expensive wood and to ensure the safety of the material, we employ climate controlled depots. We build our storages using the most durable and environment-friendly components. It’s no secret that unique instruments require careful treatment as such commodity can degrade in quality quickly. Moving pianos and organs can be tough, and certain parts can be damaged easily, but we created custom boarding tools that will not only lift the instrument but fix it in one place. This way, we secure that all parts and overall look remain intact.


Ease of Access

If you decide on storing your piano with us, then we are happy to state that all of our warehouses are easily accessible. You can take or put anything you want 24/7, and in case you need assistance, we have an on-site manager that will address all of your concerns. All depots are firmly closed and equipped with a custom-developed lock mechanism that is certified by the GSA. The whole warehouse is continuously monitored each day so you can relax knowing that no intruder will be able to break in. Lastly, we have multiple locations scattered across different states. Thus, if you want to have your piano or organ somewhere near, we will do our best to find the most convenient storing spot for you.


Compelling Prices

We created the most compelling prices for you as we know that not everyone can dish out a lot of money. Our support experts will sort out all expenses in advance, and throughout the day, you will be notified about the end price. You will get an accurate estimate and will be able to plan your ideas ahead and this is what makes us different from the rest of the competition. Also, each service comes with a warranty ticket so you won’t have to worry. This is an essential component of our work as we firmly believe that no peace of mind can be achieved without a guarantee.


Give Us A Call

Professional piano moving and storing is our expertise. Give us a call, and our managers will settle on a date that is best suited for you. Our team will arrive in time and load everything fast and safe. And if you want to store a piano or even something more significant, we offer such service as well.