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Very often, people relocate to another city or even country. This is a lot to handle on one’s own, so a reliable moving and storage company could be very useful. College students also need moving and storage services when traveling to and from their school or during the break between the semesters. When the home renovation is in progress, it is great to have a secure storage unit to keep all the belongings undamaged until your place becomes safe and comfortable again. After all, life is unexpected, and sometimes the family emergencies happen, forcing people to move immediately. In this case, moving and storage solutions can come in handy as well.

  • Are you planning a long distance moving?
  • Are you looking for a secure storage?
  • Are you having difficulty finding safe storage containers to your belongings?
  • Are you hoping to find an excellent service at an affordable price?

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Safe Relocation – the best moving and storage solutions ensured by the experienced industry experts in Chicago IL. Comfort, flexibility, security, and cost-efficiency all in one place.  

There are many situations in life when you need help to move all your belongings to some other location or store them in a safe place for some time.

Our company offers the moving and storage services of the highest quality, and we’re here to help you make your life easier.

Benefits of our moving and storage company

  • We aim to provide you with exceptional moving experience

We provide comfortable moving/storage services in Chicago IL. You can order a home delivery and have the storage containers brought to your front door. Also, you can have us pack your belongings and arrange all the details if you don’t have time for that.

  • We provide you with flexibility

The company gives a flexibility in moving process. You assign everything to us or chose the self-delivery option. Plan your moving/storage exactly as you wish: set the time and select only those services that you need. No hidden fees and unexpected delivery issues.

  • We ensure the security

Your goods will be safe with us. The company provides the sealed containers with your lock and key. All the belongings are transported by the professional movers in the trucks specifically designed for a gentle transportation. Also, every storage unit of our company is extra secure and protected from the drastic impact of the environment. The access to the storage facilities is restricted to employees and clients only.

How can have your belongings moved?

Getting a moving and storage help from us doesn’t take long. All you need to do is:

  • indicate how many containers you need
  • let us know when you’ll need to access these containers
  • expect the delivery or in case you’ve chosen some storage solution, wait for the note from us that your belongings are safe.

We are making your move comfortable

Our moving and storage company offers a full set of options that you can choose to simplify the relocation or renovation. With us, you get the utmost convenience as we will be able to handle every request related to moving, storage, and packing. Contact us to order any of the following.

  • Delivery

An extra convenient delivery service through which we’ll make sure that your possessions will arrive at your door exactly on time. Our moving containers will be at your disposal for as long as you need. You’ll have enough time to pack before we ship it to the selected location.

We provide the portable storage options so that you could be in control of the process and enjoy the flexibility during the whole process of moving, storage, and packing. This means that with our company, you won’t have to rush. Keep the moving boxes in the secure storage units or ship everything immediately; it is 100% up to you.

  • Storage

Choose between moving and storage!

Our storage services include various storage options, including the opportunity to keep the belongings in our storage facilities to avoid additional delivery fees. In this way, you are free to plan the most cost-effective moving. Thus, if you wish to save a penny on this, you can always bring your belongings to one of our locations and pack it there, or pick up the containers from the other place by yourself. This is the option that you won’t find in many other moving and storage companies.

  • Excellent customer service

We provide a full support from our professionals in Chicago IL. You can get a consultation on the available moving and storage options, ask for an expert advice in regard to moving/storage or packing, select the services that you need, and call to address any related issue that you might have. Your convenience is our ultimate goal!  

Hire our moving company to help you handle all moving/storage related problems. For more information, contact us in the most convenient way for you.


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The move went great, and the crew even helped us place all the furniture, where we asked them. Overall, they saved my time and nerves!
(Daniel Joy)
We moved our entire house! I assure you, it was a nasty job to collect all our stuff, but the packing guys did their job professionally and without a fuss. Good service.
(Lily Jons)
I chose Safe Relocation to store my things while downsizing and all went smoothly. I picked my stuff in a month and had no problems during the process.
(Tom Ilenko)
I was worried about all the artwork I needed to move, but Safe Relocation did their best. Additional thanks for the humor. Guys from the moving crew cheered me up after quite a stressful day!
(Suzanna Novik)
Foremost, I’m grateful for the excellent customer service. These guys led me through the moving and calmed my worries about getting everything on time. Safe Relocation delivered all intact and with no troubles during the move. Thanks!
(Henry Wallen)