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You’re moving house and decided to hire a moving company. It’s a really wise solution, as the moving guys will do everything to make your relocation smooth and stress-free. However, if you’re using moving services for the first time, you must have a lot of questions. Among them, you might be interested if it is acceptable to tip movers. In this article, we’ll provide answers to the questions “Should you tip movers?”, “How much should you tip movers?”, and even more. Let’s get down to business.

Should You Tip Movers?

If you’re satisfied with the service provided, why not tip your moving team? Undoubtedly, the movers get paid by the moving company and technically, you’re not obliged to provide tips. Still, keep in mind that tips aren’t typically covered by your bill. It’s a common practice to tip waiters or waitresses, cab drivers or plumbers, so tipping movers is quite okay. Moving businesses belong to the area of services, and tipping is a normal way to express your gratitude. Actually, it’s a great way to show the movers that they are doing an excellent job and thus encourage them to continue working in this manner.

Not to mention, careful packing is a tedious process, and moving heavy furniture is fairly tough. A professional moving crew saves you a whale of time and makes your moving day less stressful, so you might want to reward them for their hard work.

When do you tip movers?

Again, it’s only up to you, to tip or not to tip. There isn’t really a rule of thumb when it comes to tipping your movers. First and foremost, ask yourself whether you’re satisfied with the service. 

Also, keep in mind that each move is different, and there are moves that are particularly difficult. For instance, sometimes movers have to go up and down several flights of stairs carrying heavy furniture, or you’re moving some specific item like a piano. Why not show your appreciation for their hard work by giving them tips?

Also, take into account the weather on your moving day. Moving is a hard job, and just imagine how much harder it gets in the sweltering heat, rain, strong wind or bitter frost. So if the team has done their best even in the inhospitable weather, it will be nice of you to provide them with the well-deserved reward.

Finally, go through the following questions to make your decision about tipping movers.

  1. Did the movers arrive on time?
  2. Were they friendly and sociable?
  3. Did they act professionally during the entire process?
  4. Did the movers treat your possessions with care?
  5. How efficiently did they use the time? Did they work hard from start to finish? Or did they frequently interrupt their work for smoking a cigarette or a visit to the bathroom? 

With this in mind, it will be easier for you to make your choice.

Typically, people tip movers as soon as the move is completed and you’re presented with the bill. Also, it’s more common to tip each member of the team individually. Of course, you can give tips to the foreman to distribute the cash to all the team members. However, there’s a risk that the money won’t be fairly divided among the crew. That’s why we think it’s a better idea to give the tips to each mover personally. This will also help to express your gratitude directly to each of the movers. Plus, if you saw that there were movers who worked especially hard, you might want to tip them accordingly.

What else you can do to show your appreciation

Handling multiple boxes and heavy furniture is hard work, and your moving team will need some food to refill their energy. Yes, you might not really have to provide the workers with meals. Still, consider it as the quality of their work directly depends on how the guys feel, especially if it’s a full-day move. So if your move takes more than four hours, take care of lunch. You’ll benefit from it as well: the team will stay on-site for the meal and get back to work quicker. Go for food that doesn’t require much kitchenware, like pizza. It’s undoubtedly the best option to feed a crowd. Likewise, you can prepare sandwiches or burgers. 

Even if you don’t intend to provide the moving team with snacks, you should take care of drinks. That’s why, no matter the weather, have water available at all times. And if your move is going to take a few hours or a full day, take care of coffee on cold days or early mornings as well as cocoa or tea for the folks who don’t drink coffee.

When is it okay not to tip?

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However, in some cases, you can definitely skip tipping. Obviously, if you aren’t satisfied with the service provided, you shouldn’t tip just because you’re expected to.

You can cross out tipping movers from your moving checklist in the following cases:

– The movers arrived with a delay and didn’t notify you, didn’t provide any explanations or apologies.

– The movers were impolite.

– Your possessions were damaged due to careless treatment.

Remember, it is never rude not to tip movers. Professional movers always know how well they have done their job. If they have done an amazing job, they can expect a generous tip. Otherwise, when they feel they’ve messed up a little, they realize pretty well that they’re likely to receive no tip at all.

Also, get this: if you hire a moving company with a high reputation, you won’t need to worry about any of the above mentioned situations. 

How Much Should You Tip Movers?

While planning your moving budget, it’s essential to include the money you’re going to give as tips. Tipping typically ranges between 5% and 20% of the total moving cost.

As we have already mentioned, your decision about tipping movers and how much you’ll pay will depend upon certain factors.

In addition, talking about the amount of the tip, the most important aspect to consider is how much time the move will take. The rates of $10 per mover for a half-day (4 h) and $20 for a full-day (8 h) are quite reasonable. And if the team works overtime in order to meet all your specific needs (for instance, they spend extra time packing your fragile belongings so that they arrive at your new home safely and sound), it will be fair to pay up to $40 per mover. Also, consider higher rates if you’re moving across the country.

Final Thoughts

All in all, moving company workers are eligible for tips as much as any other service industry employees. It’s up to you to decide on tipping your movers or not. However, no matter if it’s a long-distance move or a local move, the movers deserve some reward for the job well done, right? So don’t forget to include tips when you’re drawing up your moving costs. How much should I tip movers? That’s another question, and as you see, it all depends on the quality of service and time spent.

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